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You MUST Be A PAID Upgraded Member To Receive Cash.

ANY Cash earned prior to Upgrade CANNOT be cashed out.

Free Members, and This Includes Members With Free Upgrades, May ONLY Use The Cash To Pay For Advertising Or An Upgrade.

An exception to this is when we have a contest that specifically states that cash will be paid directly to your PayPal account. This is the only time Free Members may receive cash.

Paid Upgraded Members May Request A Cash- out Once You Have At Least $25 In Your Account and have been a paid member for at least 60 days.

Please read the full policy on the
Agreement Page.

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We will not ask you to invest any money
and will not pay you interest on any money you send us.
If you purchase goods or services from this website.
There will be no element of "investment" in that payment.
And the entire purchase price will be for the selected goods or services only!

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